E-Business english (Guest Lecture)

A shortcut english version of the e-business lecture held at different universities.

The PPT-Presentation is animated and needs 30 MB of storage. Therefore I cut it into pieces ready to download within a usual bandwidth.

Building successful business cases with the Internet needs a profound knowledge of the characteristics of the new media.

Internet Characteristics

Reducing transaction costs is a very important issue in general, according to Ronald Coase. Looking at the transactions sharpens your view for the comparative advantages of the new media.


There are different possibilities to increase the findability (and even the usability) of your website. before you try to evaluate them all, make shur ethat you are taking into account one of the important principles on the net: The Relevance Principle.


When it comes to profitability, the Web offers a lot of tools to track and check the efficiancy of your Website. After all Internet CRM is a good companion on your way to earn money with the Internet. Get on the road to increasing marginal profit and be happy.


A very special issue is the question about Ethics and Internet. Has Internet still massive drawbacks unable to deal with negative moral and crime?

E-Business Ethics

E-Money Ethics


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