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Prof. Dr. Tilo Hildebrandt
 Tilo Hildebrandt

This introduction is for all of you who are not only interested in the Know How offered on this site, but like to know something about my background.

                      Vision, Knowledge and Experience

Universal Degree (German Diploma) in Economics and Information Science at the University of Cologne. Ph.D. in Economics and Energy Science (Cologne, Germany).

After my studies in Cologne I was employed by a private bank (Trinkaus&Burkhardt) which nowadays is integrated in the HSBC Group. Since a private bank is far too conservative for me, I continued my work for the bank as an independent consultant for over seven years while I started working with an energy research center (Juelich) as a scientist. I worked on many themes and problems concerning the embedding of the energy system in the economy. 

After this comfortable years of studies I practiced economy; being a consultant for several energy and oil companies (Shell, BP and other German located providers).

In the next phase of my business life, I owned different companies in the computer business, when PCs came onto the scene. From the early days of the Internet I took the challenge and made this innovation part of my business activities. I founded marketing platforms and payment systems. As for many companies, I either sold, closed or still own them.

In my private life I have two sons that were born in 1978 and 1983. The older one is also in the Internet Business, the younger one is an artist.

I've had my ups and downs with the Internet. But my colleagues and my students say they can hardly find anyone with this broad experience of the Internet and the knowledge of how to define and run a successful Web-Business. Currently I am leading a company and Google-Agency for Web-Business. I am working part time as a professor for economics, Internet Marketing and Web-Business.

Now - what am I doing in USA?

I have established a consulting company for Web-Business and visit different places in the USA, especially in Hawai'i. Besides I am invited by universities to hold guest lectures about my special fields of web-marketing and economic development. We keep working for our clients on these working holidays, because the Internet is a world wide network and we are working world wide. We are a very successful Google Agency and our clients are happy to get professional support. I like this way of working.

I share a lot of knowledge for free to anyone being interested in developing his business with Internet Marketing. Why do I offer this valuable know how for free?

People are always asking me for advice. I like to talk to people about their issues as long as they are well informed. I cannot give advice to everyone and since I dedicate myself to quality, I am more likely to consult companies and people on a higher level. I invite everyone to participate and learn for free.

I like to concentrate my work in books, lectures and develop new and exciting fields of knowledge. There is a very special field I am an expert in and I have instructed some very smart and intelligent people to work for our clients optimizing their paid placement - Google Adwords Marketing.

Do you think it seems easy to create an Adwords Campaign? Well, only at first sight. Running campaigns at low costs and earning good profit is challenging work. Some advertisers never learn it. They stop optimizing their adwords strategies way too early and burn their money. Our clients earn high profits in a competitive environment.

The Adwords Courses and services are not for free, but they are cheap compared to "US-prices". I did some market research and found the service charges in the US are substantially higher than in Europe.

I like to support you and am looking forward to working with you.

Best regards

Dr. Tilo Hildebrandt


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