Terms and Rates for Website Controlling

The term "conversion rate" we have already widely used in our articles discussing Internet Marketing. In fact, it is also the key to success. With the conversion, the quantity changes to quality. It determines the value of individual advertising campaigns. Because the conversion rate is measured in different terms, I prepared for the shop owners some definitions with benchmarks in the following table:
Success Figures Rate Meaning
Ad impressions to page impressions
0.40 advertising media placed per page.
AdClick rate 0.08 average clicks per Ad
Click-Through Rate (CTR) 0.20 hits per advertising media
AdClick to Lead 0.13 addresses deposited per AdClick
AdClick to Sale (Sales Conversion)
0.03 sales were made per AdClick
Visitor to Lead 0.05
adresses deposited per visitor
Visitor to Sale
0.02 sales were made on each visitor

These values are vague like any other individual averages. Each webmaster has to evaluate for his distinct situation with statistics and find out his specific values. That should not only be calculated in the sum, but for any advertising action and cooperation with an advertisement provider. Only he can measure his advertising successes and optimally distribute his budget and after all separate the wheat from the chaff.

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